COB Honors

This webpage is dedicated to the most recent COB honors event. For those who are interested in the materials presented in the program, please take a look at the following slideshow.

2017 Honors Event Presentation (Slides)

2015 Honors Event Presentation (Slides)

Faculty with Honors Project Interests and Needs

For students looking for honors projects, you should contact the following faculty regarding potential projects

For more information about honors in general:

JMU Honors Webpage

COB Research Assistant (RA) Program

JMU Honors Liaisons – Contact them first!

  • Accounting: Lou Betancourt
  • COB: Michelle Duncan
  • CIS: Rebecca Simmons
  • Economics: Vipul Bhatt
  • Finance/Quantitative Finance: Jaideep Chowdhury
  • International Business: Kirk Elwood
  • Marketing: Joe Derby
  • Management: Eric Stark

JMU Prestigious Scholarships

Honors Faculty Fellows

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at neveuax (@) jmu (dot) edu